Personal Chef Work



One way that I support people to transition to a plantbased diet, or to maintain a healthy, plantbased way of eating, is through the work I do as a Personal Chef. Some people find that they don’t have enough time to regularly cook for themselves, or they’d like some support to ensure that their meals are nutritious and balanced. I work with them to come up with weekly meal plans based on their food preferences and dietary requirements which I then cook for them in the convenience of their own home.

If you’re finding it difficult to plan and cook healthy, plantbased meals then my Personal Chef service may be just what you need. First take a look at the example meals below, and then get in touch for a quote.

     “I have been using Sweet Seedling’s personal chef service for the past year and it really has been life-changing. As a health conscious person short on time, I had found myself eating very similar meals and not getting the nutrition I ideally needed. I now get variety and balanced nutrition across a range of delicious new meals each week, tailored to my taste and dietary requirements. It could not be more convenient as Lisa arranges the recipes and grocery delivery each week – all I need to do is open the door”

Milti, London


When you work with a personal chef, you are working with someone who is passionate about plant based food, loves cooking for people, and feels fulfilled when they know that they are helping you to eat well, nourish your body and mind, and enjoy your meals. 

A plant based personal chef has dedicated hours to understanding plant based ingredients – how to cook and combine them to create textures, flavours and specific health benefits for you. They will source the right ingredients for you, best suited to your needs. They spend their time researching recipes looking for new ways to amaze and nourish you, practicing techniques and getting dishes just right. They keep up to date with new techniques and love to be creative in the kitchen, keen to try new ingredients and new ways of cooking them all the time.

When you use a personal chef they will work with you and find solutions that fit your individual needs. They’re happy to receive input and advice from your nutritionist if you’re working with one, and will adapt recipes to suit your dietary preferences and restrictions. They will encourage you to give feedback on dishes, letting them know what you liked and didn’t like, how the food made you feel, and what could be done differently next time.

A personal chef will stock your kitchen, knowing exactly the ingredients you need to quickly and easily prepare a diverse range of dishes for you when they come in. They will keep track of your pantry, making sure you don’t run out of anything but also that you limit the amount of food waste coming out of your kitchen.

Using a personal chef gives you peace of mind that your health is being catered for by a professional. It frees up your time to focus on your passions and what’s important to you in life. By prioritising your nutrition and your choice to eat plant based, you are being true to your values and putting yourself first, giving you the best chance to live the life you choose.

How it works

Getting Started:

Firstly, it’s useful for me to know as much as possible about the food you like, don’t like, and are unable to eat. To begin, I will send you an online form with a few questions about your food preferences and dietary requirements. Be as detailed as possible – after all, the purpose of the service is to provide you with meals that you’ll enjoy and benefit from nutritionally. Once I have this information I’ll customise an initial meal plan for you, ready for our first session. Then depending on where you are in your plantbased journey, I’ll provide you with a detailed list of the ingredients that are useful for setting up a plantbased kitchen. Finally, I’ll then order your groceries online, to be delivered to you the day before our first cook date.

On the day:

I’ll arrive at your home at the agreed time and get started cooking! All I need is the use of your kitchen space and appliances, containers to store the food in once cooked, and space in the refrigerator for the meals. It’s useful if you can provide me with details of the equipment available in your kitchen prior to our first cook date – I will ask you about this in the online form as well. Depending on your meal plan, I will usually take around 4 hours to prepare all of your meals and I will leave your kitchen as I found it. If you are regularly using my services, I will order groceries for the following week.

Enjoying your meals:

All of your meals will be labelled with the name of the dish and the date prepared. I will leave you instructions on assembling and / or heating the meals throughout the week. During the following week I’ll send you a brief feedback form to complete so that you can let me know which dishes you preferred and I can further refine your ongoing plans to your taste.

Example Meals

Main meals:
Lemongrass tempeh stirfry
Butternut squash risotto with sage brown butter
Vegetable tagine
Shepherd’s pie with garlic mash
Chana Masala
Pilaf rice
Fennel & white bean mash
Moroccan couscous
Roasted brussel sprouts
Garlic mashed potatoes
Roasted sweet potato salad
Tuna-less tuna salad
Black bean and quinoa salad
Soba noodle salad
Asian wild rice salad
Thai coconut squash soup
Tomato & lentil soup
Lemony chickpea soup
Butterbean & ginger soup
Smoky Black Bean Soup