Hormone Health

Hormone Health

I’m interested in hormone health and how plant based foods balance our hormones. I run workshops in Berlin to teach women about the four phases of their cycle and the plant based foods that support each of the phases. We cook dishes together based on our cycle, and share a hormone-healthy meal at the end of the session.

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Plant Based Foods Through Your Cycle

“Just as a car performs dramatically better when it has the fuel it was designed for, your body performs far better when you give it the food it needs” Dr Neal Barnard

As well as running workshops in Berlin, I also have an online programme to establish and sustain better habits around food. Hormone Health and Plant Based Food Mastermind is a 6 week online programme and accountability group. You’ll work on your mindset around hormone health, your diet and your approach to plant based meal planning & cooking. It is a space for you to plan your meals for the week, create your own recipes, plan to shop for ingredients and cook hormone supporting dishes. You’ll have the chance to share ideas with others, troubleshoot any problems you might have, and most importantly, develop positive habits and behaviours around cyclical eating.