Cyclical Meal Plans!

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Cook to support the four phases of your menstrual cycle, balance your hormones, reduce PMS, feel better in yourself, save time and money, reduce food waste, learn to cook new ingredients, enjoy delicious meals, and always have something in your fridge to eat! 

Each month you’ll get…

  • Four meal plans, one for each phase of your cycle – menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal
  • Shopping lists for each phase
  • 16 easy recipes to follow – free from refined sugars and (mostly) gluten-free
  • Batch cooking instructions for each phase
  • Guidance on storing your meals
  • Ideas for snacks in each phase
  • A chance to sign up for my Cyclical Eating workshop
  • An invite to our monthly online “Cook-Together” sessions

When you sign up you’ll get…

  • A month’s worth of meal plans, one for each phase of your cycle
  • Guidance on plastic-free storage of your produce
  • Tips for using up any leftover herbs and produce
  • A chart for cooking beans from scratch 
  • A list of handy substitutions for main allergens
  • Suggestions for finding ingredients that are a little harder to source
  • Phase specific tips for balancing your hormones
  • Guidance on using the meal plans if you don’t have a cycle anymore, or have an irregular cycle
  • An invitation to book a call with me to ask any questions you might have

To get started…

Simply set up your subscription and start receiving your meal plans. If you don’t have a Paypal account, just click on “Continue without a Paypal account” to use your debit or credit card instead. 

UK subscriptions – £15 per month 

Cancel anytime

EU subscriptions – €17.50 per month 

Cancel anytime

All the meal plans are designed to support your cycle and balance your hormones.

  • The ingredients are all natural, unprocessed, whole, plant-based foods
  • All recipes include proteins, fibre and healthy fats to ensure your meals are balanced
  • The meal plans make it easier for you to eat cyclically without spending too much time thinking about ingredients or recipes
  • The more you use the meal plans, the more familiar you’ll get with cooking a wider range of cycle-supporting ingredients

Soon you’ll be making meals just like these – delicious, nutritious and hormone-balancing!

Some frequently asked questions…

What if I’m cooking for my family / children / partner / housemates as well? Will it matter if they eat cyclically too? 

Not at all! Cyclical eating is a lot to do with eating healthier foods and a lot more plants – which is good for everyone! The foods in each phase have nutrients that support your body to balance your hormones in that phase – there’s no harm at all for anyone eating these same foods. It’s a really gentle approach to simply eating a wider range of whole, natural ingredients. 

What happens if I eat the wrong foods for the phase I’m in?

Absolutely nothing. It won’t harm you at all to eat different foods in different phases. I usually find that my body naturally prefers foods for the right phase and it can feel a little too heavy/light when I eat outside of my phase, but there’s really no harm in it. After all, you’re still eating healthy, nutritious foods that are really good for your body. 

I’m not 100% plantbased or vegan, can I still use these meal plans? 

For sure. The aim of the meal plans is to introduce much greater diversity into your diet, and a lot more plants. Research shows that very few people are eating enough fibre in their diets, and we could all do with eating more plants! If you don’t eat completely plant-based, you’re very welcome to add other foods to the plan as well. 

What if I don’t have a cycle anymore, or my cycle is irregular?

You can easily use the plans by following the phases of the moon – many women who are post-menopausal do this to maintain their natural rhythm after their cycle has ended. New moon = menstrual phase; waxing moon = follicular phase; full moon = ovulation; waning moon = luteal phase. 

I don’t have time for batch cooking this week, how can I still use the plan?

You may choose to use the batch cooking guide and cook everything all at once. Or you may decide to cook just one or two of the recipes throughout the week if you’re busy. It’s totally up to you. 

When will I receive my meal plans?

You’ll receive your first month of meal plans when you first sign up, no matter when in the month that is (unless you sign up before January 1st 2022, in which case you’ll receive your plans on Jan 1st). After that, you’ll receive your meal plans on the 1st of every month. 

Where will they be sent?

The meal plans will be sent to the email address you use to confirm your subscription via Paypal. 

When will my monthly payments come out of my account? 

Your first payment will come out on the day you subscribe, then subsequent payments will come out on that same day every month. So if you sign up on the 10th, your monthly payments will come out on the 10th every month. 

Can I cancel my meal plan subscription? 

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

What if I need some extra help? 

If you find that your issues with your hormones are a little more complicated, or you realise that you’re having some problems with mindset around food, you’re welcome to book a 1:1 consultation or coaching session with me so that we can explore these things in more depth. Just book a quick meeting with me and we can discuss it. 

What if I decide I’d like to join your Wild Things community as well? 

If you join the Wild Things, you will get your meal plans for free with that membership. So we will just stop your monthly meal plan subscription when you sign up to join the community and you’ll continue to receive your meal plans in the group 🙂 

Have a question that hasn’t been answered here? 

Just send me an email with your question and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Get started with your membership!

UK subscriptions – £15 per month 

Cancel anytime

EU subscriptions – €17.50 per month 

Cancel anytime

And if you have any questions about it, you’re very welcome to email me or book a quick call with me. 

Lisa x